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Your roofing and guttering are crucial in protecting you, your family and your home – so it’s just as crucial you keep them in top condition. 

At A. At Guttering & Roofing, we’ve supported clients across southeast Queensland and northern Queensland with swift metal roof repair services at affordable prices. A.I. Guttering & Roofing offers a huge range of roof repairs and professional service to protect your building or home—including leaking Gold Coast roof repair, quality roof restoration, and Gold Coast roofing tile repairs. We can assess the condition of your roof, including galvanised steel, aluminium, Colorbond and more. From small gaps or damage in your roof to a sagging metal roof needing replacement to Gold Coast roof restorations with high-quality workmanship, we’re the team Gold Coast families turn to for fast, affordable, lasting roof repairs.

  • 100% obligation-free measure and quotes
  • 20 years of experience in roofing and guttering
  • 10-year workmanship warranty for your peace of mind
  • Experienced and skilled with Cert 3 in metal roof plumbing
  • Local Gold Coast business who understands the area inside and out

When it comes to our commitment to customer satisfaction, if we wouldn’t be happy with it on our home, we won’t be happy with it on yours. To learn more about our services or to put our quality to the test with a fast and obligation-free quote, call 0410 291 122 today.

When to repair your roof

Roof maintenance should be carried out once a year – but you don’t need to wait that long if you’re dealing with damage to the roof of your home or business. It’s tough to know when you need roof repairs because your roof isn’t something you check every day (or even monthly). Unfortunately, minor roof damage can quickly become a more significant problem if left unchecked.

Although metal roofs are built to last, finding signs of damage on your roof or gutters can save you serious money in the long run, so be on the lookout for the following warning signs:

✘ Water Damage

Signs of water damage inside your home may indicate leaks in your roof and may need roof leak repair. Even the smallest unexplained watermarks should be followed up with a thorough inspections to ensure you’re not dealing with a leak.

✘ Loose roof screws

Old roof screws are a common issue for metal roofs and can cause roof leaks. Problems can include over-driven screws, under-driven screws, screws driven at the wrong angle, or screws that have missed the timber frame.

✘ Sagging Ceiling

In most cases, a sagging ceiling is a symptom of significant water damage. You can avoid increasing the risk of a cave-in (and potentially severe injuries and damage) by looking for a curved appearance instead of a nice, straight line.

✘ Metal Roof Deterioration

 Even the most robust metal roofs have a lifespan. Environmental factors, high salt levels, and high humidity can all leave your metal roof needing repairs or replacement.

How much does roof repair cost on the Gold Coast?

You might not think about the roof above your head often… which means it’s doing its job. Metal roofs are highly durable and can last from 40 to 70 years. However, damage can occur over time due to environmental factors or accidents, so planning for any potential roof repair costs is helpful.

The roof repair cost will depend on the type of repairs and the severity of the damage. For example, fixing metal roofing can cost between $50 to $70 per m2. You could pay $1,000 or more for roof repair for a more significant hole.

To help you budget for your next roof repair service on the Gold Coast, check the table below for a few industry average prices.

Roofing Service Average Price
Colorbond Roof Replacement $45 to $55 per m2
Small to Moderate Roof Leak $400 to $750
Roof Flashing Repair $45 to $75 per metre
Gutter Replacement $25 to $150 per metre
Roofing Labour $50 to $60 per hour

Keep in mind, these are average prices only. Your home is unique, so your roofing services should be too. For an accurate quote, organise a complimentary site visit and measure with an A.I Guttering & Roofing expert today.

DIY roof repair vs. Calling in the professionals

Roof repair is best left to professional roofers for several reasons. Anyone with a ladder and a spare weekend can climb onto the roof with a handful of tools; this is risky in more ways than one. If you try to DIY your repairs, you could spend much more to get the needed materials. You’ll also need to know how to remove metal sheeting, fix damaged flashing, repair broken gutters and install new metal roof sheeting to avoid installation errors. At best, you can waste hours of your time. At worst, you can make the damage WORSE.

Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home. By trusting the quality job to QBCC licensed roofing professionals like A.I Gutter and Roofing, you’ll have access to quality metal roofing materials, a friendly and knowledgeable team, and a fast turnaround so you can get back to the things you love without worrying if the roof over your head is stable. We provide a comprehensive range of metal roofing services, including repairs, restorations and pressure washing for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Avoid the sweat equity, keep more money in your pocket, and enjoy a strong and damage-free roof for years to come by contacting A.I Roofing on 0410 291 122 for a free measure and quote on your next repair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold Coast Roof Repairs on the Gold Coast

How to choose the right roofing contractor on the Gold Coast?

Choosing a contractor is never as easy as jumping on Google and choosing the first name you see (even if that’s how you landed on our website!). With so many roofing contractors to choose from, start by judging their experience level (we’ve got two decades working on Gold Coast homes) and check out their previous work (you can view our project gallery here).

Can my roof be repaired, or does it need to be replaced?

We’ll need to assess the condition of your roof to answer this question. Although roof repairs are cheaper and less disruptive, you may need to replace your roof if you’re dealing with constant problems, as this can be more economical in the long run. We provide free measurements and quotes, so organise a site inspection today for an expert opinion that won’t cost a cent.

Do you provide roof flashing repairs?

Yes. We provide custom folded flashing repair, replacement and installation to ensure water doesn’t enter your home and damage your property. We don’t believe in “one size fits all”, so we can create a customised flashing solution whether we’re working with guttering, windows, chimneys or skylights.

How long does it take to repair a roof?

This depends on your roof’s style and the damage. Most roof repairs take a few hours, but larger repair jobs require more labour, parts and time and can take up to a few days. Always ask your roofing contractor on the Gold Coast for a timeline after they’ve inspected your roof and given their estimate (and don’t waste your time on any roofer who can’t outline their process and give you an estimate of how long the job will take).

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A.I Gutter & Roofing have extensive experience to undertake all your roof and gutter needs, leaking roof? Why not contact us to arrange a free quote to repair it before potential ceiling damages or mould problems arise,

Problem Gutters? a little maintenance by cleaning out your blocked guttering or re-sealing leaking joins that can save you money in the long run, leaking joins eventually damage your timber fascia boards and overflowing gutters are prone to back flowing back into the eaves in heavy rain, we can undertake these simple maintenance requests and we specialise in full gutter and downpipe replacement as well as preventative measures such as Leaf Guard to keep your gutters clean and roof vents to keep your roof cavity well ventilated. 

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